Amazing Authors


Technology keeps us entertained and is fun to use
Technology evolves each year and should not be abused (Jacob)

If anything is possible
Is it possible
for something

to be impossible? (Harry)


  1. Read some of the awesome writing that Room 4 students have been working on.

  2. Character Description: 'Samuel'

    As tall as a skyscraper, orange wavy hair, eyes as green as glass, skin as pale as a ghost, as skinny as a skeleton - that's my brother Samuel. He's eighteen years old. He usually wears his rapper, ASAP Ferg shirt with his jeans and a hoodie made of wetsuit material.
    My brother is as funny as a clown but he can sometimes be as angry as an alligator. But that's why we all love him. He is a video game addict. He has four scars, one on his head, two on his are and one on his foot.
    By Jacob

  3. Character Description: 'Jacob'

    Jacob is a boy with quite long blonde hair. He is very chatty with an expressive imagination. Jacob has been at our school for one year and in New Zealand for only one year. He has been living in Hawaii in a secret S.A.S. base doing undercover spy work. He has been living the double life.
    Under his hair he keeps secret spy weapons like ray guns and other super cool gadgets. Under his shirt he has heaps of jagged, rough scars from all his adventures. This explains why he always gets changed during lunch while no one is there. Jacob always gets call outs during lunch and this is why he often can't be found. Now we have uncovered Jacob's secret!
    By Jude

  4. Character Description: 'Mrs Kenny'

    Mrs Kenny always dresses in clown costumes for school and she teaches us all about the circus. She is super funny and always lets us play on devices. Mrs Kenny originally came from Cape Town in South Africa and she likes it better there because it's pretty hot. She is a very loving, caring and comforting teacher. I love Mrs Kenny because we never have to do work. This term she said we would only have to learn about her but we already know lots about her so that means we won't be working at all.
    Before Mrs Kenny came to New Zealand she went to Antartica and got frozen into an iceblock and attacked by penguins. She loves giving us frights by coming in the back door when we are not looking and blowing her horn. When we all jump out of our seats she then squeaks her fake red clown nose.
    Whenever we are sad or down she tries her best to cheer us up. Whenever she tries to teach us something we are always laughing. There is never a dull moment in our class unless Mrs Kenny is not here.
    By Morgan